MAGENTA originates from the desire of tracking and materializing social connections and relationships.
7 performers move in an abstract space where the only possible purpose is to connect. Their skin, seen as the interface where exchanges happen, becomes a personal ID where traces of all the others can be found, rendering personal identity a mere point of connection on the net.

Direction: Giulio D'Anna
Performance: Hidde Aans-Verkade, Anna Bentivegna, Koen van der Heijden, Hali Neto, Camila Romero Lema, Caroline Marie Sprott and Luuk Weers.
Music: Maarten Bokslag Set design: Joëlle Snijder Technical support: Geert Oddens en Kiki Heslemfeld Assistant rehearsal: AgneseRosati 
Production: Mirjam Zwanenburg Artistic advisor: Loes van der Pligt

MAGENTA is produced by Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

1 2 3

1 2 3 is a research project for a dance film in collaboration with Dutch director Michiel Vaanhold.
The project revolves around Bram and Ans Stelling, a mature couple of Ballroom dancers. Awarded several times as Dutch champions, they have a strong love and work relationship. They spent most of their lives dancing together and travelling around the world for the dance competitions. You can see Bram and Ans on their website: dancesupport.nl

1... 2,3. 1... 2,3 begins a new series of works and researches that focus on relationships.

The research for this film is supported within the frame of De Wolf Danst, a new dance film project of Mediafonds, NTR, Filmfonds and Cinedans.


A commisioned choreography for the students of 3rd and 4th year of Dance Teacher Department of Fontys, Tilburg.
This work investigates the use of rhythm and repetition to portray the strength, ambition and natural sensuality of the young female performers.

Choreography: Giulio D'Anna
Performance: Hannah Bastiaens, Annemarie Cools, Jessie Haans, Floor Knotter, Emma Schild and Charlotte Thyssen.

BUM BUM TCHA is produced by Fontys Dansacademie Tilburg.


A choreographic study based on the fusion of elements of Acro Yoga and modern dance. The exploration led to the creation of a 'filmic action' inspired by the theme of co-existance.
Co-existance: at the same time, in the same space

Choreography and set design: Giulio D'Anna Performance: Davide Bellotta and Tuan Tran Light design: Remko van Wely Costumes: Agnese Rosati
Artistic advisor: Kristin de Groot

Study for PANORAMA is produced by Conny Janssen Danst, Dansateliers and Stichting Gillen/Giulio D'Anna within the frame of Danslokaal/2, a talent development project of Conny Janssen Danst, Rotterdam


DATA is a dance theatre solo that follows the format of a documentary. The man on stage is being investigated, as though he were subject in a zoo. The daily words and scientific terminology applied to the human body encounter the live dance performance unfolding a greater complexity. Words become fluid concepts that oscillate between understanding and re-defining the human experience. DATA invites the spectator to an active interaction that goes from reasoning to feeling to reasoning in a continuous loop: a dialogue with the human that goes beyond a sterile informed vision where labels become occupied, subverted, transformed or destroyed.

Concept, choreography and performance: Giulio D’Anna Director assistant and creative production: Agnese Rosati Light design: Grace Morales Suso
Music composition: Maarten Bokslag Artistic advisor: Kristin de Groot

DATA is produced by: Dansateliers Rotterdam, Stichting Gillen/Giulio D’Anna with the support of Fondazione I Teatri – Reggio Emilia


As part of Danstheater AYA’s silver jubilee, Wies Bloemen asked Giulio D'Anna to engage in dialogue with her work. Wies Bloemen presented the inner and outer strength of man in her production Harnas (2013). In his version, Har(t)nas, Giulio D’ Anna focuses on the femininity of the male power. While we want to protect ourselves against the outside world, heart and head are in discussion with each other. Only when they unite are we at our strongest in battle.

Choreography: Giulio D’Anna
Performance: Kathrin Gramelsberger, Daan de Kogel, Hanna de Vos Music: Maarten Bokslag, Dennis van Tilburg

HAR(t)NAS is produced by AYA Danstheater


Inspired by works of Banksy and the desire of questioning the spirit of political and social resistance Giulio D’Anna asked the students of MTD/1 (AHK Amsterdam 2014) to embody the human spirit of protest and to imagine the stage as a sort of public city square where it is possible to scream out loud a critic towards society.

Choreography: Giulio D'Anna
Performance: Borna Babić, Quinty Boer, Katarina Čvorović, Maud Huizing, Robin Nimanong, Cecilia Ponteprimo, Nathan Pruvoost, Reindert van            Rijn, Alexandra Tuzova, Hella Vanhemelrijck, Denise Verschut andMarysia Wiercińska Repetitor: Jhon Wesley Taylor

LET'S is produced by MTD - AHK Amsterdam


A short dance movie made by Giulio D'Anna and Cinzia Camela together with dancers Ann Dickie and Nicholas Minns. Inspired by "The perfect Human" by Jorgen Leth (1967), the making of the video has been created within the frame of TRANSPARENT BOUNDARIES European project with the support of AMAT and UCA (UK).

Concept and creation: Giulio D'Anna and Cinzia Camela
Choreography: Giulio D'Anna Camera: Cinzia Camela Performance: Ann Dickie and Nicholas Minns

The Perfect Form is produced by European project TRANSPARENT BOUNDARIES