“One of my child memory is my dad singing “Il mondo” while driving...”

Which are the differences between the generation of the ’49 and the one of the ’80? Which is the story that two bodies tell when one is the idea of the future and the other one is idea of the past? In Parkin’Son the performers are a 64 years old therapist, without a theatre or dance background, and a 33 years old choreographer: two generations in front of each other, a father and his son to tell something through their bodies.

D’Anna father and son, seemingly coming out of one of the story of “Vite di uomini non illustri” by Giuseppe Pontiggia, explore their relation on stage: a collection of personal events, dramatic and non, that are inscribed on the lines of the skin and on the shapes of two bodies bonded by the blood and by their own history.

The projects originates from the desire of using the limit as a source of possibilities and telling the two histories in the same way the lives of the illustrious people are told. Parkin’Son aims to the exaltation of those moments that could be considered irrelevant to someone else but that make the existence memorable.

Winning project Roma Equilibrio 2011, Dioraphte Dansprijs 2012


Concept and direction Giulio D'Anna
Creation and performance Giulio e Stefano D'Anna
Director assistance and creative production Agnese Rosati
Music composition Maarten Bokslag
Lights, scene and costume design Theresia Knevel and Daniel Caballero

Parkin'Son is produced by Fondazione Musica per Roma and Stichting Gillen/Giulio D'Anna. In collaboration with Officina Concordia (a project of Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto and AMAT) and Civitanova Casa della Danza (project of Civitanova Danza/AMAT). 
With the support of Danceworks di Luana Bondi-Ciutti, Anna Maria Quinzi.

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