“We ain’t going nowhere. We are here to stay. We are here. We are here. We are."

R-ESISTERE is a dance-concert on the theme of resistance. It originates from the desire of embodying a sense of revolution and it portrays protest as an essential part of being human, challenging the social beliefs around it.
The performers embody a manifesting crowd with the energy of a rock concert audience. We all fight for or against something; can we make our fight exciting and worth the effort?

R-ESISTERE is not about revolution. It is the manifestation of the trust that things will go better: love will appear, sooner or later, we just need to endure a bit longer and keep our voices loud.

R-ESISTERE is the winning project of the encouragement prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2013. R-ESISTERE is a production of Giulio D’Anna Company/stichting Gillen and is a co-production of NDD, Dansateliers (Rotterdam), C/O Maastricht, Civitanova Casa della Danza/AMAT and Versiliadanza (Italy)


Concept and direction Giulio D’Anna
Dancers Lana Čoporda, Miryam Mariblanca, Ana Ladas, Fabian Holle, John Taylor
Music composition Maarten Bokslag, Tom Nestelaar
Set design Jasper Van Roden
Direction assistance and creative production Agnese Rosati
Interns Jouke Istar Rouwenhorst (dance), Vanessa Sgarra (costume), Laura Wallrafen (lights)
Artistic advisor Kristin de Groot
Video Cinzia Camela
With thanks to Alessandro Vitto, Maura Di Vietri, Piet Rogie, Theatre de la Ville Paris

R_ESISTERE is produced and supported by Dansateliers, Nederlandse Dansdagen, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, C/O, SNS Reaal, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds/Fonds, Danceworks Rotterdam, Versiliadanza, Fabbrica Europa, AMAT and Giulio D’Anna/Stichting Gillen.