After being active as choreographer for more than 15 years I have decided to take some time to re-evaluate the meaning of being and working as an artist. In the last years I have noticed a change in my position towards the art market. Mostly my activities felt unsustainable on many levels and I have developed an urgency for a deeper connection with my creative work and a different relation with the way I bring it to an audience.

For these reasons I stopped waiting for a change in the conditions outside my own power and I have made some practical and radical choices. I left the comfort of a house and I have moved in Broedplaats Koch in Watergrafsmeer, Amsterdam. It is an artistic incubator where I have my own atelier and I share my living space with other artists for sustainable costs. I have decided to refrain to engage in another project subsidy plan for the creation of a new touring work and I started evaluating my relation with the art market. As simple as they are, they have been challenging steps to make. Moreover, it is very difficult to create sustainability when an artist needs to invest more into research and avoid a constant public outreach. In order to support myself I have reorganized some of my existing skills and knowledge of dance and therapy into a new exciting form: healing art. Since January 2019 I have started to work part-time as therapist and healing artist in order to create a needed independence. Besides being a source of income, healing art is now serving as a way to profoundly nourish my artistic vision and human needs. Besides my own perception it feels great to engage in a practice that promotes personal and physical development. I am going to spend more time and energy into deepening some art practices and try out some experiments that connects to my curiosity and sense of urgency.

This is an exciting period. More news will come up in the coming time.

All is well.


If there is anything that is associated with a motorically perfectly functioning body, it is the form of art and movement we call dance. It is exactly this assumption that Holland Dance Festival wants to tackle by organising DanceAble #3 coming November. During this two-day event in The Hague, inclusion dance becomes visible and tangible. It grants dancers with or without a disablility the opportunity to develop themselves, it offers a stage for multiple performances, and knowledge on the topic of inclusion dance will be shared.

I have been invited to create a short dance duet with 2 performers of the inclusive, Rotterdam based, theater company Babel: Jordy Ruhl and Bram Legerstee. The première of this short work will be on 29th November in Den Haag.



The collaboration with theater director Liliane Brakema goes on. After the period of research, the project 'Er zal iemand komen' will arrive to a public finalization. The prèmiere will be in Groningen on the 25th of October. Based on the text of Jon Fosse this is an exciting new work where theatre language and abstract movements merge together in a work that is both challenging and touching.
It is indeed rewarding to collaborate with an artist that feels the urgency to bring the conversations around culture of emotions and relationships.

After the 25th of October this creation will be touring The Netherlands. For more information about the work, the team and the tour program READ HERE...


In September 2019, Giulio has lead a group of Italian performance artist through an intense week of research for a new project calles CLEAN/SING.

The researche involved 6 performers, a choir of 15 elements and took place in the suggestive spaces of Forte Malatesta in Ascoli Piceno, IT. The results of this research between science, personal and music has encountered the enthusiasm of a large audience. Giulio and the organization of the festival are now making plans to make a full production of this work in 2020.