“We ain’t going nowhere. We are here to stay. We are here. We are here. We are."

R-ESISTERE is a dance-concert on the theme of resistance. It originates from the desire of embodying a sense of revolution and it portrays protest as an essential part of being human, challenging the social beliefs around it.
The performers embody a manifesting crowd with the energy of a rock concert audience. We all fight for or against something; can we make our fight exciting and worth the effort?

R-ESISTERE is not about revolution. It is the manifestation of the trust that things will go better: love will appear, sooner or later, we just need to endure a bit longer and keep our voices loud.

R-ESISTERE is the winning project of the encouragement prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2013. R-ESISTERE is a production of Giulio D’Anna Company/stichting Gillen and is a co-production of NDD, Dansateliers (Rotterdam), C/O Maastricht, Civitanova Casa della Danza/AMAT and Versiliadanza (Italy)


Concept and direction: Giulio D’Anna
Dancers: Lana Čoporda, Miryam Mariblanca, Ana Ladas, Fabian Holle, John Taylor
Music composition: Maarten Bokslag, Tom Nestelaar
Set design: Jasper Van Roden
Direction assistance and creative production: Agnese Rosati
Interns: Jouke Istar Rouwenhorst (dance), Vanessa Sgarra (costume), Laura Wallrafen (lights)
Artistic advisor: Kristin de Groot

R_ESISTERE is produced and supported by Dansateliers, Nederlandse Dansdagen, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, C/O, SNS Reaal, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds/Fonds, Danceworks Rotterdam, Versiliadanza, Fabbrica Europa, AMAT and Giulio D’Anna/Stichting Gillen.