PANORAMA is out and well received!

After an exciting public try out in Grand Theater Groningen, PANORAMA has premiered with enthusiastic reactions from audience and critics. You can read what theaterkrant thinks here. You can check the tour dates and places on the calendar.

As thematic follow up of O O O O O O O O, PANORAMA investigates long term relationships and the dialogue that revolves around them. Kristin de Groot and Piet Rogie are the special performers at the centre of this new creation. Kristin and Piet are dance artists and a couple in real life since 25 years. In PANORAMA, they are invited to materialize their relationship experiences of shared life, commitment, doubt, trust, pain and joy.



After 2 succesful edition of the special Movement Classes inspired by PANORAMA held in Dansateliers Rotterdam, Giulio will offer other 2 Master Classes in the winter: 1 in Rotterdam and 1 in Amsterdam. The workshop in Rotterdam will take place on the 24th February in Dansateliers.

Giulio invites you for a session of body work inspired by his new performance PANORAMA. PANORAMA is a piece looking into long-term relationships. In the creation Giulio and his two dancers develop a physical language for intimacy and commitment. During the workshop you will experiment with different ways and strategies to device collaboration and intimacy. 

Open to everyone interested in movement, body-awareness, choreography and dance. No experience required.


DOX/Utrecht has commisioned Giulio to create a work with 10 young doxers within the frame of its outrech program.

BRAVE is a project for a young audience that explore courage in the young generation: what do the young people need courage for? How can they prepare to face their fears? BRAVE reflects the diversity and needs of the yoing generation by embracing different languages: monologues, modern and break dance, pop and folk singing ending up in a traditional Samoan ritual to defeat fear.

In the month of Septmeber 2017 Giulio works intensively at this project with the support of Sarah Ringoet and Maarten Bokslag. BRAVE will be presented 30 times in schools from 2nd October 2017.

study for MAGENTA 2

During the 2017 summer Giulio has been invited by Festival Why Not and Tolhuistuin to articulate a 5 days workshop for a mixed group of dance amateurs and professionals. As a part of a second study for the 2019 production MAGENTA, 15 women have been guided in the exploration of a precise and sharp awareness while embodying images of intimacy. The result of this laboratory has been shown on the 20th August in the Tolhuistuin as a visual moving installation. The study will be public again in Festival Why Not on the 28th of October in The School, Amsterdam West.


In winter/spring 2017 Giulio will be again guest teacher at the department of Music Theatre of Codarts. His physical theatre classes for the department focus on using musicality as a tool to facilitate personal creativity and to generate presence and awareness in the dance performance.


In September 2016 the international team of O O O O O O O O has gather again for a reprise.  
With the support of FPK, Dansateliers Rotterdam and Stichting Gillen O O O O O O O O has toured The Netherlands in season 2016/17. 

O O O O O O O O is a dance theatre work inspired by “The museum of broken relationships” of Zagreb ...READ MORE