In September 2016 the international team of O O O O O O O O will gather again for a period of reprise. This period is meant as an update and redefiniton of the original work that premiered in 2013. 
With the support of FPK, Dansateliers Rotterdam and Stichting Gillen O O O O O O O O will tour The Netherlands in coming season. The tour will begin with two previews at the Nederlandse Dansdagen in Maastricht on Sunday 9th October. In the fall the show will be shown in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Breda. Dates on the calendar.

O O O O O O O O is a dance theatre work inspired by “The museum of broken relationships” of Zagreb ...READ MORE


MAGENTA originates from the desire of tracking and materializing social connections and relationships.
7 performers move in an abstract space where the only possible purpose is to connect. Their skin, seen as the interface where exchanges happen, becomes a personal ID where traces of all the others can be found, rendering personal identity a mere point of connection on the net.

“Magenta. That’s what I call it when I get that way, all kinds of feelings tumbling all over themselves. 
Well, you know, you’re not quite blue because you’re not really sad. Although you’re a little bit jealous you wouldn’t say you’re green with envy and every now and then you realize you’re kind of scared but you hardly call yourself yellow. I hate that feeling, I just hate it. And I hate the colour Magenta.”  

28th and 30th September 20.30
29th September 19.30
1st October 15.39
Theaterzaal of AHK
Jodenbreestraat, 3

1... 2,3. 1... 2,3
Giulio is working at the creation of a dance film in collaboration with director Michiel Vaanhold. 
The film revolves around Bram and Ans Stelling, a mature couple of Ballroom dancers. Awarded several times as Dutch champions, they have a very strong love and work relationship. They spent most of their lives dancing together and winning many dance competitions all around the world. You can see Bram and Ans on their website:

1... 2,3. 1... 2,3 begins a new series of works and researches that focus on relationships.
The research for this film is supported within the frame of De Wolf Danst, a new dance film project of Mediafonds, NTR, Filmfonds and Cinedans.


DOX (Utrecht) has invited Giulio to lead an atelier on performance for 15 young students. Giulio collaborates with theatre maker and performer Anne van Dorp at the creation of a program of creative work sessions that will go on throughout the fall 2016.

2 public shows on 14th and 15th December 2016 will end this program of talent development.


In fall 2016 Giulio will be teaching at the department of Music Theatre of Codarts. His classes for the department focus on using musicality as a tool to generate presence and awareness in the dance performance.


A choreography for the 3rd and 4th year Dance Teacher Department of Fontys Dance Accademy in Tilburg.
Here a short glimpse from a rehearsal.

Choreography and music score: Giulio D'Anna
Performance: Hannah Bastiaens, Annemarie Cools, Jessie Haans, Floor Knotter, Emma Schild and Charlotte Thyssen